About us

Travel allows us to grow. It allows us to discover new cultures, to learn new languages and to go out of our comfort zone. Every travel is really a unique experience that makes us grow as human beings.

Wether you solo-travel or go on a honeymoon, every time you come back home from a trip, you get super excited to share your tales, experiences, adventures and stories with friends and family.

Travelling the world is really about discovering yourself, history, the human and sharing experiences. After all, the one thing that travellers understand is that behind culture, language and nationalities, we are all the same.

Based in the beautiful city of Montreal, we at Travel Tales are two souls in quest for beauty around the world who decided to put their love for travelling into beautiful home decor products to share their passion with everyone.

Yasmine & Yassine

Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell. Paula Bendfeldt